Tuesday, November 22, 2016

U.S. Regime Change

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All eyes are on The Donald as he assembles his cabinet for the presidency. Steps so far seem to be moving in a progressive conservative manner, members like Mike Pompeo, Representative of Kansas and a former Army officer, has been selected for C.I.A. Director. Mr. Pompeo is a member of the House Intelligence.  Michael T. Flynn, who is now National Security Adviser, a retired Army lieutenant general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Next, we have a General's, General, James N. Mattis Retired Marine Corps general and former commander of United States Central Command, in line for Defense Secretary.  One area I'm particularly interested in is Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, Former Goldman Sachs executive (where his father Robert E. Mnuchin worked for thirty years) and Mr. Trump’s campaign finance chairman is in line, which will mean the banks will be in line.  Larry Summers would point out that the Power Monopoly, holds all the cards but have to give up a few hands contributed to Betty Crocker accounting.

Some felt that Trump wasn't going to fair well with foreign policy but all Heads of State around the world want to be sitting at the table of the largest bird feeder on the planet, that's not an issue unless some Heads don't want to pull their own weight and pitch in the till, like the bill NATO creates.  No more Proxy wars for the Neocons, you've created too many enemies for America without our consent and lite up the Middle East, it's your tree you're sitting in it.

The real issue was America being destroyed by the ones who don't care for her but for the use as a tool and profit. This mix of government married with corporations has been building since the Kennedy assignation and the introduction of Imperial Margarine to the market self, which created a war on the dairy farmers. Sometimes there is an enemy from within, I mean if you look at the 60 Minuets program with Soros, he claims "I'm basically there to make money, I can not and do not look at the social consequences of what I do." Truly an Ayn Rand course where we find ethics in corruption, with one's own happiness as the moral purpose of life, America was being bled to death.

At some point, the bleeding must stop and for America, its people had enough of the Bozo Circus act and took to social media which changed a presidential election.  Many heads are going to roll and we're already seeing a rise in the 10 yr treasures where Japan is now at a positive rate.  Billions were lost on that move overnight but the market has to start to equalize, next the Feds will raise rates. This regime change by Trump will effect, the Executive Branch, Legislative and Judicial, where every book that was cooked the author knows it's coming and I'm not talking about a Blue Ribbon, more like an Orange Jumpsuit!  Many would prefer Nuremberg trials, this type of commentary ran rampant on comment threads of news outlets, media videos, blogs and all social media platforms verberated the pulse of a Nation and World!

Another thing about social media, The Donald is a big fan of twitter and for the first time in American history the President-elect is working social platforms, talking directly to The People.  So not only are we keying in on Trump's cabinet but The 115th Congress, coming in January, 3rd, 2017.

Happy Thanks Giving America

Transition 2017

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