Monday, January 30, 2017

Nuke Pro - Scientific Proof -- Radiation Causes Increased Disease / Infections

Radiation turns DNA into gibbous 

From Nuke Pro, that discovered an article from Cambridge Press:

We investigated the relationship between epidemics and soil radiation through an exploratory study using sentinel surveillance data (individuals aged 20 years) during the last three epidemic seasons of influenza and norovirus in Japan. (end press and review Nuke Pro's research)

It's a known fact that radiation turns DNA into gibberish, so many of us like Stock, at Nuke Pro, have been working on the conditions of radiation in our atmosphere, oceans, soil, mammals and all life for that matter.  Back in Aug. of 2016 NASA has released all funded research of which was only available behind a purchasing wall is now available to the public, thanks, NASA!  One little gem from going through the library is this, 'Dried plum diet protects from bone loss caused by ionizing radiation.'  Another is 'Miscarriage Among Flight Attendants' Cosmic radiation and circadian (recurring naturally on a twenty-four-hour cycle) disruption are potential reproductive hazards for flight attendants.

Illustration by NASA (click to enlarge)
Since we're high flying but just above you, high-energy particles, called cosmic rays, are zooming in from outer space.  These speedy particles crash wildly into molecules in the atmosphere, causing a chain reaction of particle decays.  While we are largely protected from this radiation on the ground, up in the thin atmosphere of the stratosphere, these particles can affect humans and electronics alike. To help with this the RaySure detector and the Teledyne TID detector may be installed on commercial airlines in the future but the real cure is not to fly so high, well that airline ticket just got higher because of fuel consumption at low altitudes.

What to do? Well, try not to suck!

So since we have radiation on the ground from background radiation, (natural accruing) nuke accidents, detonation explosions above ground and in the oceans including dumping what can we do?  Since Trump is now president and the focus is jobs for America this article by Stock (above) got me going and we can help kick this off.  Here in the states, Wyoming is largest mine producer of Bentonite clay in the world calculated at 70%.  With a mix of Bentonite clay, Magnesium and Backing Soda we could help to slowly reduce radiation in the soil. The clay is negative ion that helps absorb radiation speeding up the half-life, magnesium helps wick away radiation from plants and the baking soda has a ph value of 8.3 which will help restore the alkaline value from an acidic state.  Time we get busy, run a spreader in the field with the mix mentioned, till the soil, run the spreader again.  This will even work on coastal waters to help restore the tidal pools, retrofit the frickin Geoengineering aircraft with this mix and spray at low-level flights just outside the rolling waves which can be used as a blender, rolling waves themselves create negative ions.  At this point it's better than doing nothing, we have to try not to suck.  You'll even find this suggestion on the Trump Facebook page.

Also on another note of failing nuke plants, this is evident from many needing taxpayer bailouts for operations.  Many plants are at their end life and are being extended, which is just an accident and\or disaster waiting to happen for the core form cracks from intense heat and pressure.  A safer and better way to produce energy is an engineering feat that that Sweden has created, 'Waste to Energy' I wrote on this subject on Aug. 22, 2013, this process will eliminate landfills and nuke planets along with the toxic waste, because if it were safe we would not need to bury it.

"Have no fear, we just Engineer"



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    1. You are welcome my friend and kindly let us know how Earth's nursery (tidal pools) are fairing. Looking forward to your research, GOD'S Speed, Stock.