Friday, February 10, 2017

Do You Scare Easy?

What was that?
Ever been alone hunting in the woods in the winter?  Where you know you came by yourself and feels like you're the first one out because of no other footprints except for animal track.  Trudging through deep snow is hard work when a foot, so you sit down and take a break.  Behind you, a sound of a cracking stick snaps!  What the hell is that as you look around, nothing is moving as you strain your ears and eyes for more evidence, no sound except your beating heart.  You begin to settle down a bit for you are familiar with these woods and all creatures in the area but you second guess yourself because there is an unknown presence of something you feel is near.  Moving ahead sneaking around like a predator in the area as to where the sound came from you still find no tracks but the overwhelming feeling of being watched is consuming your thoughts.  It occurs to you for the first time that the hunter is being hunted!

It seems we're all in this situation, yeah we're familiar with our environment but what causing the sixth mass extinction?  That's ramped up faster than previous records. Science claim we're losing dozens of species a day and many we haven't had the chance to discover.  Are we partially to blame?  I would have to say yes, as a boy I would hunt with my dad and uncles which enjoyed pheasant and walking through the field we would always kick up dozens of grasshoppers. That don't happen much today because the use of pesticides sprayed on the fields has depleted the little flyers and pheasants love to eat grasshoppers.

What's this talk about no Sardine harvest from the Pacific ocean?  Well, holy mother there frickin low, what the hell caused that?  NOAA mentions the blob again and MSM media won't mention Fukushima.  I read a comment where this individual responded "good, I don't like the little salty bastards anyway."  That's just brilliant, no thought for other sea creatures where it's their main food source which explains many starving sea mammals.

How about the weather?  It seems mother nature wants us off the planet!  Europe flooded in the spring last year that damaged crops.  Well, this winter where Britain imports fruits, vegetables from Spain and Italy have been under snow!

Jan 22nd, at 3:00 AM a monster tornado ripped through Adel Ga. a small community woken to the sound of the weather siren.  The tornado shredded a mobile-home park called Sunshine Acres.  I mean the area looked like it was tossed into a blender!  One resident asked, "is GOD mad at us?"      

I'll tell ya Mate, our friend out in the woods above is us!  The hunter becomes the hunted and she's coming for everything!

Quick, take cover in that castle's courtyard ahead, close the gate!  You turn and looking down on you is what you felt in the woods!  Judgment Day!              

Mortifer V.


  1. I got coyotes very nearby, sometimes I get that watched feeling when getting the mail at night....its across the street and a full 350 feet away from the house (and my dogs)

    1. It's true, in the woods all eyes are on you, you're never alone! Might wait until daylight, they're not interested in the mail (it will be safe) but they know you're coming!

      Arch Oboler 'The Dark"